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California Commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in California

Commercial insurance refers to the protection given to businesses within Pasadena, CA to cover them against everyday hazards and negligent risks at work. These safeguards extend to parties such as employees, visitors, and business property. Below, Reinas Insurance Agency Inc. explains how a commercial policy can help protect your California firm.

Building Coverage

Property coverage takes care of your business premises and the contents within. If fires and incidences such as theft and vandalism occur, it will help take care of the costs of repairing your facility. It also provides business interruption coverage, allowing you to recover and return to everyday tasks.

Cyber Insurance

Businesses continually face threats from online attackers due to the use of social media outlets, creating concerns over data breaches. Cyber insurance provides safeguards when such threats materialize, allowing you to cover the resulting expenses. These include monitoring fees, client notification costs, and ransom demands.

Errors and Liability Coverage

Errors and liability coverage will protect your business when you encounter negligence claims. These could be losses resulting from erroneous advice. Firms in the accounting, legal, real estate, and insurance sectors will likely benefit from such a cover.

Auto Coverage

As the name implies, auto coverage will be ideal for keeping your vehicles safe. If your employees get into an accident, this policy helps pay for the ensuing repair expenses. It will also compensate you for the replacement costs if the damages are significant.

Worker's Compensation Coverage

This cover keeps your employees safe when they get bodily injuries at work. It will cover the medical bills incurred while taking care of the legal expenses when your company is sued for damages.

General Liability Coverage

This policy bundles property damage, bodily injury to 3rd parties, and business claims such as slander and libel into one policy. It ensures that your legal fees are handled when you encounter these incidents while helping pay for medical bills and the costs of fixing other parties' belongings.

The above safeguards are available to businesses within California, ensuring that you maximize your profits in the long run. Call Reinas Insurance Agency Inc. today for customized coverage tailored to risks within Pasadena, CA.


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